Finished product packaging

Finished product packaging is an important step in manufacturing, protecting products, and ensuring quality while helping save costs on transportation and storage of finished products.

Strict product packaging procedures - Ensure the highest product quality

Packaging process

TCHS’s product packaging process complies with strict product packaging procedures, helping to ensure the highest product quality for customers.

Process of consulting, surveying and completion

Warehouses & Transportation

Large-scale centralized warehouse system, application of machinery and professional management software to meet all manufacturing needs, ready for future expansion at the request of customers.

  • High-performance specialized pallet system, improving the operating capacity of warehouses
  • WMS software system manages and operates the warehouse system, ensures accuracy, transparency and can manage real-time data from time to time.
  • The production locations use barcode scanners to quickly identify and manage supplies for each shelf area and location of using.

Our warehouse


Raw Material Warehouse

Finished Goods Warehouse